Costa Rica was awarded for Payment for Environmental Services (PSA), a program that has been instrumental in recovering the nation’s forest cover.

The PSA Program consists of a financial recognition by the State, through the Fonafifo, to the owners of forests and forest plantations because of the environmental services they provide that directly affect the protection and improvement of the environment.

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Home Rediscovered

Home has long been a symbol of security and safety. Explore how the future of home is changing by watching: Home Rediscovered.

About The Film

Over the course of one year the whole world stopped.

Adapting to this new normal required reimagining almost everything, including our vision of home. This past year gave us the opportunity to find our way home, not just to somewhere within our price range, but to a place that truly reflects what matters most to us.

Experiencing home:

World Tourism Day

Gustavo Segura Costa Rican Tourism Minister states the importance of reinforcing wellness tourism and the efforts applied by our country to increase incoming travelers interested on this particular movement.

Below the link for the interview in Spanish, from one of our main communication channels in the area.

Wellness Tourism it is defined as those activities, where a person’s main goal it is to obtain and improve physical and mental health as result of life experiences along with natural environment; by using different relaxing techniques, such as: water therapies, taking advantage of natural spaces and different means of using natural resources.

Costa Rica as a global destination for digital nomads

On Monday, June 28, the Asamblea Legislativa approved on the first debate the law to attract digital nomads, will provide special benefits for remote workers who come to Costa Rica. 

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Super Investments in Costa Rica bring big Dividends

Did you ever think of buying or renting a home or condominium on or near the Pacific Ocean beaches where you can vacation, rent and retire?   We’re here to show you what’s available and help you through the buying or renting process.  These properties are among out top picks and won’t get any less expensive. 

There are still bargains here in Costa Rica.  You can purchase incredible beachfront and ocean view homes for a fraction of what you’d pay in the States.  And the year-round tropical weather doesn’t hurt at all.  The central Pacific coast of Costa Rica is expected to grow exponentially prior to the new​ San Jose​International Airport opening in Orotina, just ½ hour from the Jaco area.  Costa Rica’s real estate prices have not peaked or even reached the levels they were at back in 2008 when property sales were booming.  The Switzerland of Central & South America can’t help but grow and this is a great time to invest and be a part of the appreciation.  The beauty of the tropical flora​,​ fauna and rain​-​

forest await you along with the monkeys, sloths and Macaws.  And the beautiful temperature of the Pacific Ocean with our spectacular sunsets will certainly enhance your stay.

Traveling to Belize

Traveling is always an experience that you will never forget. Especially if you are thinking about moving to another country, don’t stay in your comfort zone make a change, take the chance and make sure that you are enjoying every second of it. You won’t regret about the decision or maybe you will, but we recommend you to take the chances. Tired of the jam? Tired of the jungle of buildings? Cold weather, snow every year? Well if you share those feelings we can make you a recommendation that we are almost 99% sure that you will fell in love with just one visit. Have you ever heard about Belize before? It’s an amazing place, their cultures and traditions are in very different Caribbean style. The best of all is that is a small country so you can get anywhere in few time, however everywhere you go, while you are driving from the city to the coast it’s gorgeous, they say you can feel yourself as if you were in “Jurassic Park”.

Belize citizens are more than welcoming, their great hospitality makes you feel at home. They enjoy to party, are without a doubt hard workers and specially nature lovers. What’s your native language? Spanish, English? Well actually on this country they speak both languages so you won’t need to be worried about the lack of communication.

1) Are you picky with food?

Well Caribbean food it’s a combination of different cultures, you won’t be able to stop eating. No fast food, their dishes are the perfect combination for maintaining yourself healthy and in shape. However, they are so good you will not want to stop eating. Mostly everything that their dishes contain are produced on the same country, they have the idea that helping their own farmers essential for the country. Rice and beans are one of the most eaten dishes in the week, containing the amount of protein, carbs and flavor you want to have.

2) Party Lover?

Punch point for Belize is their good taste for the music and the celebrations during the year. Every day is a day for parting. It’s contagious music, is a combination of the Latin culture, creole, mestiza, Garifuna and Maya.

3) Tired of Jungle Building?

Our favorite part of belize is the lack of building, gray space and jam. The nature in Belize is in every corner you turn, the green space is all over the country, full of mountains and cristal clear ocean water. Mayan pyramids, watefalls, and white sand and light blue ocean. With the “Great Blue Hole” located in the center of the ocean with 120 meter walls, created by a meteorite.

4) Tired of the cold weather?

Belize is located in the Caribbean, next to Guatemala and Mexico. The sunny days never end in here, tanning? Is not even hard. They do have rainy day’s that keep the country as green as it is. But the greatest part is no snow, no worries, swim suite and a couple of shorts and you can get going.

5) Worried about the government you will leaving in?

Independent country since 1981, no wars will be seen and freedom is something very important in their country. A government that supports its people and who invest in them. Maintaining its peace all over the world and keeping its nature jewels in great conditions.

Is it even possible to say no to this country? Don’t even think it twice, coming to paradise after years of work, you totally deserve it.

How to get a Healthy and Relaxing environment in our home

Our home is one of the places in which we do no spend most of the time, maybe because you are very busy in your work, or picking up your children, or buying different things in the supermarket, but it should be a very important place in our lives because is the only place where you can share with your family, where you can rest and get relax. So, just imagine after a long day at the moment that you get to your home and it is a mess, it would be disgusting for you and probably you will get tired.

1) Take care of water and electricity

Taking care of the water and the light not only keeps your family healthy, also it will help the environment. In the case of the water, you should avoid to wash your car with hose, try to do it with a pail it would help to consume a lot of water. At the moment that you washed your clothes in the washing machine the rest of the water you can use it to clean the yard or to clean the toilet. In the case of the electricity, is very important to turn off the light at any moment if you are no using it, also to disconnect different devices such as, refrigerator microwave, cellphone charges, computers and other things, because those devices consume a lot of electricity. You can help to change some bad habits that the people do and make the difference, the change starts with one person, is your decision!

2) Eliminate Insects and pests

Any kind of pests in your home wouldn’t bring something good, so you really need to avoid all of them. The insect such as mosquitos, cockroach, spiders and termite are ones of the most common in the houses, and in the other side there are the mice. Those ones are another kind of pests but also will damage things in your home. Cleaning is one of the best methods to avoid the pests. Try to do not save old things, wash the dishes at any moment but principal at night, throw the garbage and keep your home the most part of the time clean. Those tips will help you to avoid them because at the moment they get to your home will be very difficult to eliminate them.

3) Buy Flowers or plants

The flowers will transform your home immediately, because they have beautiful colors, smells and shapes. They will help you to get relaxed and feel positives vibes, because the flowers will bring you peace. They have phycology effects that will motivate you, they will reduce the stress and the most important will make you feel relaxed. Moreover the beauty of the plants will purify and revitalize the environment in your home, because the will remove the polluting gases. They are gorgeous natural ornaments.

4) Organize and clean your home

At the moment to organize your home, you should classify the different things. Cleaning is one of the most important aspects and it would make the difference. If you keep the house clean and organize, would be easier for you at the moment that you are going to be looking for something. Also you will feel the difference in your house, because you will have more space. With just some simples habits such as clean your room, make your bed, clean the furniture, organize the table, wash the dishes, clean the windows you will feel it. Don’t forget to do it every time before to go to bed or when you will go out. You can make a kind of schedule with the days of the week, so ever family member will do something during the week and not only the mom will do it. It does not take 5 minutes to do it.

5) Buy candles

The candles will change the smell automatically, will bring peace and create a new harmonious environment with the extraordinary smells like Coconut, Vanilla, Cinnamon, Apple and others. The sense of smell would be stimulating your sense for the natural’s oils and extract that the candles have. You can put a candle at the beginning of the day, in the morning before to go work or to the school and at night will be an excellent idea, before to go bet. You do not have to pay a lot of money for it and you can find it in everywhere. You can help the environment, turn off the light and use candles. A good  idea is at the moment when you get home, at the end of the day you can put a candle, turn off the light, look for a sofa, or even though look for your bed, turn on the music and you will feel relaxed in seconds.

6) Choose the best colors.

The different colors are very important at the moment that you will choose your home, because they will react in the people’s mood, in other words in your feelings. Use attractive colors instead of dark colors. Attractive colors will help your home and give it bright and happiness. I think that nobody would like to get home and see the colors and the only thing that you can feel is negative vibes. You need to know which colors would be perfect for you, for example the color green, is beautiful but also it brings HOPE and FRESHNESS feelings, but for example the color black it does noes say nothing, it is very elegant, but is not a good color to use in your home.

Just with those simple 6 tips, would be the best place to enjoy the peace, and when you are going to be home there no place you rather be, because it would be with a lot of relaxing aspects and you will have during all the week.

The first and only eco-innovative real estate team in Costa Rica.

EcoRealtors Of Century 21 Pura Vida becomes the first and only eco-innovative real estate team in Costa Rica. An Eco Realtor in Costa Rica is an experienced real estate professional with deep ties to Costa Rica, and knowledge of local conditions, culture, and ways of getting things done. This includes everything that should be expected from a realtor, including the skills and contacts to identify opportunities; understanding trends and current conditions in development, land prices and finance; a strong network of professionals in Costa Rican real estate, and construction-related fields; and understanding procedures, laws and regulations related to real estate and development.

Also, an Eco Realtor has a strong understanding of the natural and cultural surroundings, and commitment to their conservation and the Costa Rican sustainable development. Above all, an Eco Realtor helps people committed to the environment live their ideals.

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How to improve your quality live… Move to Central America

A sizeable number of foreign citizens during the last years have moved to Central America.  Estimates from the United Nations Population that more than 13,000 moved to Costa Rica, more than 12,000 moved to Panama, more than 4,000 to Nicaragua and 3,000 to Belize. Costa Rica has long been one of the most attractive destinations for U.S. retirees, but recently more countries in Central America have been increasing its popularity, turning up in the list of best places to retire abroad.

But why would someone want to quit its country and come to a different one where perhaps they have different language and culture?

Here are some of the reasons why people had moved to these beautiful countries:

  1. Less stress, retirement income would go further, allowing them to ravel more and have other life activities.
  2. Enjoy themselves such as being with friends, reading books, taking hobbies.
  3. More affordable life, for retirement or families, privet schools, home chores, and other this unaffordable on other countries.
  4. Central America is one of the most multicultural regions that connect the Northern and Southern part of the American Continent.
  5. Enjoying its amazing biodiversity and its nature that surrounds them.
  6. The opportunity of enjoying the new tropical every day of your life filled with amazing landscapes and traditions.