Traveling to Belize

Traveling is always an experience that you will never forget. Especially if you are thinking about moving to another country, don’t stay in your comfort zone make a change, take the chance and make sure that you are enjoying every second of it. You won’t regret about the decision or maybe you will, but we recommend you to take the chances. Tired of the jam? Tired of the jungle of buildings? Cold weather, snow every year? Well if you share those feelings we can make you a recommendation that we are almost 99% sure that you will fell in love with just one visit. Have you ever heard about Belize before? It’s an amazing place, their cultures and traditions are in very different Caribbean style. The best of all is that is a small country so you can get anywhere in few time, however everywhere you go, while you are driving from the city to the coast it’s gorgeous, they say you can feel yourself as if you were in “Jurassic Park”.

Belize citizens are more than welcoming, their great hospitality makes you feel at home. They enjoy to party, are without a doubt hard workers and specially nature lovers. What’s your native language? Spanish, English? Well actually on this country they speak both languages so you won’t need to be worried about the lack of communication.

1) Are you picky with food?

Well Caribbean food it’s a combination of different cultures, you won’t be able to stop eating. No fast food, their dishes are the perfect combination for maintaining yourself healthy and in shape. However, they are so good you will not want to stop eating. Mostly everything that their dishes contain are produced on the same country, they have the idea that helping their own farmers essential for the country. Rice and beans are one of the most eaten dishes in the week, containing the amount of protein, carbs and flavor you want to have.

2) Party Lover?

Punch point for Belize is their good taste for the music and the celebrations during the year. Every day is a day for parting. It’s contagious music, is a combination of the Latin culture, creole, mestiza, Garifuna and Maya.

3) Tired of Jungle Building?

Our favorite part of belize is the lack of building, gray space and jam. The nature in Belize is in every corner you turn, the green space is all over the country, full of mountains and cristal clear ocean water. Mayan pyramids, watefalls, and white sand and light blue ocean. With the “Great Blue Hole” located in the center of the ocean with 120 meter walls, created by a meteorite.

4) Tired of the cold weather?

Belize is located in the Caribbean, next to Guatemala and Mexico. The sunny days never end in here, tanning? Is not even hard. They do have rainy day’s that keep the country as green as it is. But the greatest part is no snow, no worries, swim suite and a couple of shorts and you can get going.

5) Worried about the government you will leaving in?

Independent country since 1981, no wars will be seen and freedom is something very important in their country. A government that supports its people and who invest in them. Maintaining its peace all over the world and keeping its nature jewels in great conditions.

Is it even possible to say no to this country? Don’t even think it twice, coming to paradise after years of work, you totally deserve it.

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