How to be a successful entrepreneur?

The idea of entrepreneurship has become glamorous, even sexy. But talking with a person that has worked on trenches of a startup world, and quickly they will wave away that notion. The dark reality is that being an entrepreneur is hard and arduous. However for those who are passionate and are willing to take that path and commit to their ideas could be very gratifying. We all ask the same question, so what is the stuff that those successful entrepreneurs are made of?

  1. They are Persistent: Launching a startup is a huge effort, more a marathon not a sprint. Having an organized and fit lifestyle that will help you through the process. Some ideas will work, some will fail on daily basis, however you need to keep trying and don’t giving up. The important things are the ones that cost the most. Having a schedule of office hours will not work for you, first step, forget about it. It will be a full time job week days and weekends all the time for achieving the goals. Having the capacity of seeing the failure in front of you and coming up stronger.
  2. They are Adaptive: The process will be a baby step, the startup will be difficult and confusing, but the best entrepreneurs have the ability to keep their patience and adapt themselves to the situation. At the beginning you have a perfect idea of the project, however through the process it will keep changing since unforeseen situations will come up, the market changes, demand changes and customers demand each time more. Those successful entrepreneurs start recognizing the changes and the metaphorical bullets in the landscape, and start working in something else making its product stronger in some other way, but always remembering its main objective.
  3. Risk Takers: Of all the qualities that an entrepreneur may have, risk taker is definitely the main one. They are willing making huge sacrifices as having two jobs, one that will assure their salary mean while they work harder in pursuing their own idea or business. Even starting with nothing and having to take the risk of not knowing if it will be successful, no guarantee for them having the possibility of failure.
  4. Mind blowing: They see the world differently, some persons see problems, but what entrepreneurs actually see are opportunities. Those problems that people are crazy off are one of the greatest ideas for them. However for you need to capture the idea and not having it just as a dream but as a goal that you are willing to create its solution.
  5. They’re Confident: First of all, trust your crazy ideas, all the entrepreneurs start with a idea that no one can picture, however it ends being of a great success. Persons will doubt of themselves, scared of the people judging them. But real entrepreneurs are the ones who are confident enough to believe in their crazy ideas, stick with their goals and prove others wrong.
  6. They are trust worthy: The success of an entrepreneur often is based on building trust on others. People don’t invest in companies, they invest in people, before they can persuade someone on signing a check on their idea, they must first convince the investor that they are worthy and can be trusted. Making long-term investments and assuring them the money is in good hands.

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